Where to pre-order the Pyra + Mythra amiibo 2-pack in Canada

We knew it was coming, but Nintendo has finally given us a release date for the Pyra + Mythra amiibo 2-pack! We are now looking at bringing home the 2nd and 3rd last Smash amiibo on July 21, 2023.

Along with this announcement is an announcement that we will be getting two more Xenoblade amiibo, Noah and Mio!

Now that we have a release date, of course pre-orders have started popping up and the numbers are shockingly low.  You will definitely want to turn on notifications for this one.

Some pre-orders that have already gone live:

Amazon Pyra + Mythra amiibo 2-pack

Best Buy Pyra + Mythra amiibo 2-pack

Walmart Pyra + Mythra amiibo 2-pack

Other places pre-orders will likely show up, but haven’t yet:

TheSource Pyra + Mythra amiibo 2-pack

As always I will keep the list updated as we go :).  Good luck!

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