This whole adventure started when I received a Link amiibo as a gift.  I thought it looked great, I wanted more.  I quickly realized that these amiibo sold out rapidly and were near impossible to acquire.  After painfully missing a Pit amiibo at Amazon, I started to think. Surely there is a better way? Turns out there were others like me who were experiencing the same issues. I found a welcoming (and amazing) community called amiibo Canada on Reddit.  It turns out that there really was no efficient way to figure out when amiibo were going to drop and I soon realized that it was like that for a bunch of Video Game items!  And so, being a software developer, I decided to do something about it.

5 or so years later, here we are.  The Lbabinz Twitter account has expanded to include a multitude of Canadian Deals sub reddits, a Facebook Page, and a Discord tracking server.  Since founding, the Lbabinz community of amazing Canadians has streamlined the process of finding ultra-rare items in Canada (think PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X).  There have been thousands of success stories shared with me over the years.

And so, what’s next? Well, an app is in the process and will soon be available. I will soon be working together with my friend Marc Camron on our podcost Rocky Mountain Gamers.  The journey continues to help as many Canadians as I possibly can.

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