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Logitech G Pro X Superlight 16000 DPI Wireless HERO Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Our friends at Best Buy Canada and Logitech were kind and generous enough to provide us with a Logitech G Pro X Superlight 16000 DPI Wireless HERO Optical Gaming Mouse to both review and also one to give away!

A winner has been drawn! Congrats to @followguga for winning!

To enter for your chance to win one:

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  • Giveaway ends January 17, 2022
  • Entrants must be residents of Canada
  • Winner will be contacted via Twitter DM

For the purposes of this review, I’ll be focusing on using this mouse for two major purposes. First, from a gaming perspective. As some of you know, I don’t play a lot of games with a keyboard and mouse, but luckily my kids sure do and my two boys have been using this mouse extensively over the holidays for a variety of games and have given me their opinions on it.  Secondly, I’ve been using the same mouse from an office perspective. As you know, speed of posting to social media is a very important aspect of what I do and I feel that I really have an understanding of what this mouse can do.

From a gaming perspective, my kids focussed heavily on two games; Roblox and Fortnite. They played on an Xbox Series X and an Xbox One S. Having never played with a higher end mouse, this was quite a game changer for both of my sons (one 15, the other 10).  The mouse is extremely light and easy to plug in and get going with. With Roblox, this made things very easy to control and, given the platforming nature of a lot of the games, helped out dramatically by cutting down the possibility for mistakes.

Fortnite is where this mouse really seems to shine though. Anyone who has played Fortnite competitively will note that speed and accuracy are very important elements for success.  This mouse allows for very rapid movements and, perhaps more importantly, extreme accuracy.  Definitely the children’s ability to build / maneuver / make crucial shots were accelerated greatly.  Again, this comes from using a much more simplistic mouse in the past, but the Logitech G Pro X Superlight 16000 DPI Wireless HERO Optical Gaming Mouse made a tremendous difference for the kids.  It took me a while to wrangle it back out of their hands.

Now, as for office use, typically I use an Apple Magic Mouse so this was a quite a bit different for me.  Immediately of note is how light the Logitech mouse is.  It’s easily half the weight, if not less.  It actually took a bit of getting used to for me simply because of how light it is. It’s light which means you can move it around rapidly.  Once adjusted to it, you can do more, faster.

The biggest improvement I found however was the accuracy.  The Magic Mouse, perhaps due to its weight, I find that occasionally I will overshoot my target and have to go back for it.  The Logitech I found myself hitting whatever I was going for with greater ease and with a higher level of precision.  This would be a lovely mouse to use in the office.

If I had one complaint, and this may be a Mac specific complaint, it’s comparing the scroll wheel vs the Magic Mouse’s swipe to scroll.  The Magic Mouse has some momentum to it, which I’m used to and appreciate, while the scroll wheel on the Logitech is precise and accurate. How much you roll it equals how far it scrolls. This might actually be a bonus for some, however I’m so used to some momentum that it was difficult for me to get used to.  Further to this point is that using the scroll wheel wouldn’t trigger a “refresh” of application features such as pulling down to refresh my Twitter feed in Tweetbot.  Again, this is a fairly specific issue, but worth mentioning perhaps for Mac users.

Overall, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight 16000 DPI Wireless HERO Optical Gaming Mouse feels premium.  When used in a gaming setting, it’s incredibly light, accurate and produces far less errors than some mice I have used in the past. In the office, it’s a perfectly serviceable replacement for most mice but definitely this mouse was made for gaming.

If you would like to give it a try, you can pick it up at Best Buy Canada here (MSRP $199.99 CAD).

Additional Specifications:

  • Ambidextrous wireless gaming mouse is perfect for left-handers and right-handers alike
  • Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top esports professionals for hardcore gamers who require the ultimate in precision
  • LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity provides the dependable, millisecond-fast performance required for a lag-free experience at a range of up to 1.8 metres
  • HERO sensor gives precise, fast, and consistent control across the entire 16,000 dpi range, and can be updated to 25,600 max DPI via firmware update
  • Large zero-additive PTFE feet glide smoothly for a fluid connection
  • Five programmable buttons (including scroll wheel) let you set up to game your way
  • Customisable RGB lighting adds to the experience
  • Ultra-lightweight design weighs just 63 grams, using a minimal redesign that’s nearly 25% lighter than a standard Logitech Pro wireless mouse
  • Rechargeable design with a long battery life of up to 70 hours (depending on usage) to save you the hassle and cost of changing batteries


Leave a comment below and let me know what you look for most in a gaming mouse! Check out this tweet for more information on how to enter the giveaway!


189 replies on “Logitech G Pro X Superlight 16000 DPI Wireless HERO Optical Gaming Mouse Review”

Great review! Mostly look for a little bit of weight and an ergonomic shape in a gaming mouse since I game for hours on end, comfort is the most important thing.

I look for a light mouse and for it to be wireless because I have limited space and most wires can’t reach my PC so this is perfect! Thanks for the opportunity

I look for the size and weight for the mouse. I use my wrist a lot for movement and these two factors are what determines it for me.

Size and shape first and foremost. And how it fits in aesthetically with the rest of my setup. I like the Logitech G software and how it ties all the hardware in together.

I look for something that is lightweight and ergonomic. Wireless with really good battery life is also a plus, so I don’t have to worry about the cable getting caught on anything.

I look for an accurate sensor, light weight, and a really durable build, my model D has had drinks spilled on it a LOT and its still going like a trooper.

I think for what I look for is the design and comfort when we are playing our games! And I feel when I saw that in reviews here! I see both are good! I feel this was such an informative review who is looking to buy a new gaming mouse!

I’ve been using Logitech Gaming Mouse and Keyboard for 5 years now. Superfast response and fits perfectly in your palms.

I’m a simple man really. A good DPI is nice, but what I am looking for the most is comfort. Option buttons are nice for most games now so that’s always a plus.

Mouse should be light and not randomly load connection! Also support for mac and windows is important so I can be productive and game

The usual stuff like comfort and reaction time relative to the screen but more than anything, a left click that’s not too mushy lol

What do I look for in a gaming mouse? Well the wireless mouse I’m using right now is a five dollar special, so my bar is set pretty low 😀

I look for a mouse thats lightweoght and well balanced. It should feel very maneuverable and like an extension of my hands. It also has to have a light but obvious click, nothing worse than misclicks or uncertainty!

When I’m looking for a wireless mouse, I’m looking for battery life and responsiveness. Currently using a steel series that hasn’t treated me well and already been rma’d once… Would love a replacement gpro

Im definitely intrigued after this review! I am currently exploring different mice and am interested to try a mouse that has a different shape than any other mouse I have tried before. I have heard only good things about this mouse from my friends and the light weight of the mouse would be perfect for me.

Thanks for the in-depth review! Definitely looking for this kind of light-weight wireless mouse with its long battery life while I’m gaming.

Having used Razer, SteelSeries, Corsair, and Logitech mice I can honestly say I look pretty much exclusively for high end gaming mice from Logitech. This looks amazing and like a less flashy version of the G502. I’d love to try it out!

I look for a mouse that’s well balanced and light weight for gaming purposes. Also a mouse with a good sensor is a plus like the hero sensor. I was actually about to buy a Logitech G pro x for my setup so it would be really cool if I win. Best of luck to everyone!

I look for a couple of things: reliable sensor, shape, and weight. Most mice nowadays have reliable sensors so that’s pretty easy. Shape and weight kinda go hand in hand for me since I prefer smaller mice for how I hold mice so they generally are lightweight too.

Awesome review super helpful! I personally look for how comfortable the mouse is, and recently I’ve been looking for something that is percise for the games I play such as FPS games or rhythm games. I’ve also been looking for something light weight and I think this mouse might be perfect!

Very good review! When i buy a mouse i look for a low weight and for a wireless mouse, because it’s better for play

Solid review! Weight, DPI and size of the mouse is what I mainly look for in a gaming mouse. But atm I’m just looking for a mouse that doesn’t double left click when I clicked once. Someone sat on my mouse (don’t ask how) and I fixed it the best I can LOL. Never tried Logitech gaming mouses before, but this review makes me want to finally give it a shot and make the switch (even tho this specific model is out of my price range)! Good luck everyone!

What I look for most in a gaming mouse is probably the weight and the shape. Ideally I would be looking for a light weight mouse that is not too big to fit my smaller hands.

I’ve been using logitech products for years.
I currently have a G702 gaming mouse and have really enjoyed it. This new mouse would be good for drafting and the CAD work i do.

The most important for me when looking for a mouse is the comfort and if the shape is for me. It doesn’t matter to me what the other features are, if it doesn’t fit me then it’s not the mouse for me.

Not the most avid PC gamer, but as long as the mouse is responsive and comfortable to hold, I’m happy! I do a lot of office work on my PC, and look for the same thing in a mouse for my office computer as well.

I really look forward towards how light the mouse is in a gaming mouse and the design to see if it actually fits my hand! I also liked how you gave your opinions in both a gaming perspective and an office/work perspective.
Twitter = Bhyvan1

I like to have two side buttons on my gaming mouse for my thumb. Other than that, I like a good accurate sensor and nice light weight!

Looking for responsiveness, longevity (battery wise and clicks as I’ve had double clicking Logitech mice before), wired charging and wireless charging with the charging mousepad, durability, accuracy, no delays, and comfort.

I just want a mouse that doesn’t have a messed up scroll wheel. My Razer mouse started having issues not long after the 1 year mark and I would love to replace it.

Honest the most important qualities of a wireless gaming mouse, is proper shape, battery life, accuracy and low latency.

I’m currently using the viper mini because of its price but I have always wanted to get a more premium feeling gaming mouse. Things I look for are good build quality, lightweight, shape, and good button clicks. The switches are very important for me because I like crisp feeling switches. Having double clicking issues or mushy feeling switches can ruin someone’s gaming experience but I’m sure the Superlight is a top tier gaming mice.

I have been using razer since I started gaming years ago and I’ve been told by so many people that I should try Logitech instead!

Would love to have this mouse. What I look for most in a gaming mouse is a reliable mouse capable of taking on millions of clicks. Customizable button mapping is a plus as well.

I thibk the most important thing is the fit of the shape to your hand, then performance. You can have a really performsnt mouse but if it feels bad to use then you won’t be able to use it well.

For me it’s battery life and lifespan, I’ve had “premium” mice that just didn’t hold up, and not being able to use the mouse because you find the batteries are dead almost defeats the purpose, I want something consistent that performs which I don’t need to think about as I’m using it

I need a mouse that is fast, light, and doesn’t drain its’ charge all the time. Sounds like this Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless HERO Optical Gaming Mouse would meet my needs!
Can’t complain about 16k DPI that’s for sure.

Comfort is most important for me, because no matter how good a mouse is you’re not going to use it if it’s uncomfortable.

I used to always buy Razer but then I started to notice that tracking had these very small hiccups where it would kind of skip while tracking. Hard to explain but tracking wasn’t super smooth even though it was high DPS. I ended up switching to a Logitech G900 years ago and still have it and it was one of the best if not best mouse I ever had. The main thing I look for in a mouse is smooth tracking as I mainly play FPS on PC. This G Pro X sounds great!

The most important thing in a mouse for me is sensor, it should be at level with industry standards. Weight should be low, buttons should be durable.

My favourite thing is that it’s a super light mouse and really aesthetically pleasing mouse that doesn’t take too much space on the desk!

The click has to be just perfect for me! So far I’ve been quite happy with the G502. The click on this feels snappy, as in the tactile feel registers in my brain very well and the button recovers very quickly, as if there’s a spring under the mouse click (maybe there is I don’t know), unlike many other mice that clearly rely on the plastic’s retention to bounce back. The clickable area goes all the way back to the seam. I feel like it has spoiled other mice for me. Hoping that all future Logitech gaming mice keep this up!

What I look in for a mouse it has to be ergonomic. Smaller mice tend to hurt my hands as I have big hands. Also, weight and wireless is two other factors I value

The major selling point that I look for in a mouse is that it is lightweight and the battery life. I also want the mouse to be comfortable.

I always look for a good sensor combined with weight and the additional features (extra buttons, rgb) been looking at this one for a bit and would really like to try it out!

The size of the mouse plays a crucial part when it comes to looking for a mouse; went through various different gaming mouse and what matters the most is the size.

The most important thing is a comfortable gaming mouse, secondly would be the sensitivity and last would be how it looks!

What I look for in a mice is something that is comfortable and lightweight so that my movements can be made subtly and clean

I look for wireless connectivity with a long battery life and programmable buttons in a gaming mouse. Light weight is an added bonus as well as a large range of DPI settings.

A mouse like this is dope for the sole reason of how light it is, which is really what I look for in a mouse. Clunky mice don’t work well for me.

I love Logitech mice. (Mice? Mouses? Idk the plural LOL) they are always so reliable a feel great to use for Valorant and COD. Light and quick response time is key

Size, comfort, and responsiveness are the main factors for me. I’ve considered other highly rated gaming mice but they’ve been way too clunky.

I’m mostly an fps games and I currently have the g703 but I find that it’s pretty heavy and sometimes I feel like it affects my aim! It’s crazy to see how much lighter this mouse actually is compared to the g703.

2 things I always look for when I am buying a gaming mouse nowadays is if it is wireless and if the mouse is comfortable. This mouse checks these off and many more and would be a great step up from the G305 I currently have!

Awesome Review! What I loved about your review is how explained with a real life scenario like with kids and daily applications etc. It wasn’t just aimed at pro gamers or to a specific group. This related to me as a casual gamer & a father more than anything else. Thank you!

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